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Top Stitchers Interview: Getting to know Carrie

Remember how much fun I had making Mack’s Psych outfit for my Who-dun-it Top Stitchers prompt? Well I get to participate again! This time Becca has paired me with Carrie, and our prompt is “Kids Say the Darndest Things”. As competitors we interviewed each other, and I had a lot of fun chatting with Carrie.  But… I didn’t take a lot of notes.  Oops!

cropped-cropped-beri-beelogo-smallIsn’t her logo adorable?

Carrie is the creative mind behind Beri Bee Designs.  She does it all– designs patterns, blogs, and sells handmade clothes.  (I’m trying to convince her to do CraftingCon, she would be awesome!)  Her kids are adorable, and I am seriously excited to see what she comes up with for Reid for the competition.

Carrie started sewing in High School, but really got into it after her daughter was born.  She loves sewing for girls, and is a big fan of the Little Lizard King patterns. Carrie is really enjoying sewing for boys now that she has one. She likes Brindle & Twig’s boy patterns.

“You’re killing me smalls!” Is one of Carrie’s favorite movie quotes, and we both agree that The Sandlot is an awesome movie.

When I asked Carrie what her current goal for her blog is, she gave me this response:  “I think my biggest goal is becoming more visible.  Working to post more consistently, to hopefully help build a solid following. I want to be sure I’m reaching as many people as I can with the information I have to share.” I love this goal, it’s so well stated.  I might steal this…

The story behind the name for Beri Bee Designs:  “I used to always get called Carrie berry.  And my friends kids for some reason started calling me B (zero clue where it came from) so I just put them together.”

The hacking part of the competition is going to be a breeze for Carrie. She’s a pro pattern hacker. I’ve got to step up my game! We both like to upcycle, to help keep our fabric hoarding tendencies in check (but really, who are we kidding?).

It was so fun to connect with a new blogger and spend some time getting to know her a bit. The competition is fun, but so is making tons of awesome new friends!

Your can follow Carrie on Facebook and Instagram.

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