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Time to Travel Ebook Review

Remember a while ago when I did an interview?  Well, the ladies who put out all the fabulous content on Sewing With Boys have created an ebook! You can get your copy of the ebook Here or Here (etsy).
*Disclaimer: I was given this ebook to review free of charge. And another quick detour. I keep typing ebbok. Not a word. I’ve been doing it all day, and it’s making me a little crazy!*
And now you’re probably thinking, “don’t try to sell me another ebook, they’re not worth it. Just crappy articles and lame tutorials that aren’t even patterns worth sewing up.”
Not so, my friends, not so. This ebook is not only reasonably priced (right now it’s under $10!), but the articles actually have helpful tips. I’m going to admit right now that we have resorted to using the in-car DVD players for the boys on long trips. I’m not exactly proud of it, but it works. Not everyone has them though, and even I try to limit it to 1 movie in a trip, so there’s a great article with tips gather from other mamas on how to keep your kiddos entertained. I think my favorite tip… hey wait! I almost gave it away…. okay, how about a hint? It involves LEGOS! Legos on a car trip? Yeah. Legos.
And now, to break up my blather, we have a cutie coloring.  This is probably my favorite of the coloring pages, the pirate map.  Because you see, it’s not just a coloring page, it actually a template for making a play map! With felt! It’s a super cute map, and after our recent Zoo trip, I think Mackathanial needs one (he carried the silly zoo map around the whole time and kept consulting it. So cute!).
One feature from the book I love is all the clickable links. Not just links that take you to web pages out of the book, but also links that take you elsewhere in the book! Like, lets say you’re wanting to print out the lacing cards (which we also colored today), but you don’t want to scroll all the way to page 63 (guessing on that page, don’t quote me). Click on the page number it gives you in the table of contents, and you’re there in seconds! I’m telling you, it’s brilliant.
One project I haven’t done yet (darn fabric budget) is the signal flags. My BFF is having baby number two and working on the cutest nautical themed bedroom for her kiddos. I love all the cute nautical themed stuff (I have a whole pinterest board) and I begged her to let me make them Signal Flag Buntings with their names. I’m planning to change up the colors a bit, so that it matches the room decor. Signal flags are usually White, Red, Yellow, Blue and Black. I’m planning to use White, Coral, Lime Green, Teal and Navy instead. I just know they’re going to be UBER cute! Plus, I’ll get to use my new metal eyelet skillz again. You know, the ones I got while making the Swansea Bag.
Oh, I haven’t told you about it yet? Well, it is the first image.
Do you love the octopus as much as I do? I know it’s a huge trend right now, but whatevs. I want ALL the things to be NAUTICAL! Anyhow, I used blue ticking for the bag, found some crazy blue rope laying around the house and painted an octopus on it. Oh, and the strap! It was absolutely the best thrifting find ever. I had no clue where I was going to buy webbing for the strap, and figured I’d just have to make one from the ticking, and then while I was at the thrift store the belts just slapped me in the face (not literally)!
It was fate. Literally, because the person who owned the belt had the same first name as the pattern designer. Nichole! How crazy is that? (I know this because she wrote her name on the belt)
If you NEED the octopus, for your own swansea bag, or pillow or… well, it would look fabulous on just about anything… You can totally download the silhouette file or the PDF file I have for you. Warning: the PDF octopus is smaller than the silhouette one.
Oh, before I leave you, I should mention Amy’s article about packing clothes for trips. It saved me from doing any last minute panic laundry when we packed for our recent trip to Grandma’s.
Well, if you’re looking to buy this awesome ebook (not ebbok) do it now while it’s still on sale! You can get your copy of the ebook Here or Here (etsy).



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3 Responses to “Time to Travel Ebook Review”

  1. Michele T says:

    Love the Octopus on your Swansea bag!!! Thanks for sharing the silhouette!!!

  2. Amy says:

    Sooo fun! I love the bag (especially the octopus) and Baden is just too cute 🙂 Thank you so much for hanging out with us!

  3. Jonie Brooks says:

    Thank you so much for the wonderful review! I am so glad that you all love it! And I love that octopus!! I am downloading it right now!!

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