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Spring into Chevron/ Fall into Plaid

This week’s theme was chevrons, which was something I knew I was going to have a hard time with. Not because I don’t like chevrons, but because I’m really picky about the ones I do like.

I started looking for a good chevron fabric a few weeks ago, knowing I had a very small budget. There were lots of fabrics online that I loved, but I just wasn’t willing to spend $14 and only get one yard because shipping can be pricey. So when we were in Idaho Falls getting a sewing machine I checked Hancock, but didn’t find anything I really liked. I was starting to get worried about ever finding anything I liked, so I went back to the online stores, and ended up seeing this fabric and several others like it.

I had never seen anyone call this wave fabric a chevron, and I kind of liked it.

So when my sister-in-law Angie and I went to Joann after Time Out for Women, I was able to find a fabric that was adorable, and could be called a chevron wave.

 I love this knit! My first idea was to make an infant t-shirt and some shorts to go with it and maybe see if my friend’s darling little girl Emmeline could model for me. And I still may do that.

But after thinking about the fabric a lot and, of course, taking a stroll through my “someday when I have a girl” pinterest board, I ran into a tutorial by Shauna from Schwin & Schwin.

The Fall into Fall Dress

And I knew that was exactly what I wanted to make.
But first I made a practice dress, because I didn’t want to cut into my chevron without knowing it would turn out okay.
I looked through my fabric to see what other knits I had, and found some lightweight navy that I used here, and an jersey sheet set that was supposed to fit our queen mattress and didn’t.
Here’s a close up of the plaid.


And the navy.
The tulle is sew onto the lining.
Everything about the dress turned out really great, except for the sleeves. They were too tight on Mackay’s little arms. So I picked out the seam along the bottom, hemmed the sides of the sleeve and added a tiny button and embroidery thread loop to hold the sleeves in place while the dress is on.
The chevron dress turned out a little different, but just as cute!
There is tulle on the bottom of this one, but it’s only two layers of a super light pink. I think I need to buy some hot pink or some teal to add to it so it’ll stand out more.
I used a scalloped stitch for the hem.
And cut bias strips for the neck and sleeves.
Tiny pink buttons and embroidery floss loops went onto this dress, but I didn’t actually need them, because for some reason the sleeves weren’t as tight when I cut this one out.
The lining was made from some lightweight pink knit that I actually got at walmart because it was $1/yard.
Both dresses are fully lined, and I think they will be the perfect little dresses for those weather changing seasons of spring and fall. They can easily be worn with leggings or little cardigans. Plus they’re super soft and comfy, and knowing how much I hated the feel of seams when I was little, I sewed the inner and outer dresses with right sides together so no seams will bug little miss when she wears the dress.
Oh, and I should probably mention that I used the Polky Nots Dress Tutorial again with this dress.
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