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Project Run and Play Week 2 Challenge: Stripes and Polka Dots
Originally I had made a different skirt for this week– I’ll do a post on that later– and then I saw this picture on pinterest and fell in love. I love everything about this outfit! I clicked to see what the pin was, and it was a website to order the cute little felt flower. I was hoping for a tutorial, but decided I could figure out the outfit myself.
For the skirt I used a few tutorials for inspiration (Spring Into Skirts 2, The Hopscotch Skirt) and then drafted my own pattern for the skirt.
I absolutely love the bow!
Here’s a close up of the fabric (an the hem a little). It’s not polka dots, but a tiny floral print. I liked that the print was small and not super bold– but that the fabric wasn’t plain yellow.
Here’s a better close up of the hem. I got just a little fancy with the two rows 🙂
The shirt was made using this pattern Polky-Nots Dress. I just cut it down half an inch to be 18 months size, and made it shirt length rather than dress length.
The fabric was originally plain white jersey knit, so I made some fabric paint (just with acrylic and textile medium) and painted on the stripes. They are approximately 1/4 wide and 1 inch apart.
I wanted to long sleeves like in the picture, but ended up running out of fabric. So far the edges of the sleeves are unfinished, but I’m considering adding black piping or lace later on.
I really enjoy the gathered neck. As you can see, I have yet to cut off all my threads.
Here it is partway finished. I made a flower to go with it, sorry there’s no close up of the flower. It’s just a button and gathered chiffon hot glued to an alligator clip. Easy peasy.
So I am basically in love with this outfit. I may possibly be my most favorite thing I’ve ever made.
Well, right after my Mack the Knife outfit.


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