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Project Run and Play Week 6: Signature Look
I knew going into this week that I was going to be floundering. I have no idea what my signature look is for sewing. I don’t even have a signature look pinned down for the clothes I wear.
So I picked two things I know I love. Corduroy pants and Baseball T-shirts.
This is my first shoot outside this season, but in less than optimum conditions. I was using our video camera, because Nathan had the dslr at work with him today, and it’s still icky and winter in Rexburg.


We were only outside for a few minutes, but Mack just wanted to run around. I left the bottom of the shirt and the ends of the sleeves un-hemmed because I knew I would not be able to hem them and be happy with the way they ended up.


I think that the cords turned out really well, but I’m less than pleased with the shirt. The jersey is nice and soft, but I could not get the collar right! I’m probably going to take it off again tomorrow (for about the tenth time, no joke). I did a lot better with the help from a walking foot, rather than trying to sew with tissue paper and a regular foot. Needless to say I’m very excited to get a serger for my birthday in the next couple weeks.


I love the green. I know that color is a big part of my signature style.
Here’s the other thing I made for this week.
I made Schwin & Schwin’s Blackbird Tunic. I just love it!
I really went out on a limb for this one, picking a fabric I’d gotten from my mother-in-law that was not something I would have bought but have come to love. I’m not entirely sure what type of fabric it is, but it has a great flow and is nice and silky.


I did another double hem like I did for my yellow skirt.
I also started knitting another shrug out of this heavenly soft blue yarn. I just ran into pattern trouble and decided to make up my own, but didn’t start in on it until Wednesday night. I’ll finish it later.
I was thinking especially hard about what I’ve done this season of Project Run and Play, trying to figure what could possibly define my signature style.
I decided that this season my style was to try something new!
I made my own piping.
Created my own pattern.
I painted fabric.
I changed my mind mid-week and still made the deadline.
I appliqued.
Tied a bow tie.
I made pleats.


And I knit.
Made my own adjustable elastic waistband.
I chose something different.
I crocheted.
I sewed on new materials and tried to edit my pictures.
I mixed patterns. (mind you, nothing too bold)
       I learned a ton. Granted, I did skip a week, but who’s counting? I plan to keep on working to figure out what my signature style is. I plan to continue trying new thing. I am dying to take a sewing class. The idea is really helping to keep me motivated in my classes this semester. I am falling in love with sewing in a way I never was before. I’m starting to actually press my seams and care about whether or not my corners line up. I’m beginning to relish the sight of my little boy wearing something I created and I am getting high off compliments and exclamations of, “no really, you made that?!”
Not to mention the fact that in a few short weeks I will finally have my own decent sewing machine and serger. I can’t even imagine the magic that will happen when I have decent tools of my own to create with.
(I should probably mention that I have been knitting and crocheting for years. I didn’t just decide to do it and end up with brilliant results on the first try. But combining knit and crocheted articles with other handmade things was something new and very diversifying and satisfying.)


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