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Same Dress Six Ways

I did it! Well, kind of. Let me explain.

Originally I had planned to use piping throughout an outfit that consisted of a Black Bird Tunic, and Box Pleat Shorts. But Monday morning I was picking the piping out of the collar for the third time and had completely wonkified the band on the shorts. It was at that point I decided to scrap the outfit and start from scratch.

I went to go look through fabric, hoping for inspiration to strike, and I noticed a little dress I had made previously. I didn’t blog it, just took a few pictures on instagram, and I thought it would be perfect for the theme “it’s all in the details.” But using an already finished dress seemed like cheating, and this is where the hairbrained idea came to me.

I’ll make 10 dresses. All out of the same pattern, but each one will be different because of the different details I put into it! Brilliant!

And so I set to work, one dress completed, nine to go. I picked fabric for about 12 dresses, and after cutting out eight I figured I’d start with that. I wanted to do a long sleeved fleece nightgown for that last dress, but wasn’t sure what length to make the sleeves.

So we were down to nine dresses, and it was going to become eight very quickly, when I discovered holes in the cute plaid fabric I had cut from an old t-shirt.

After working on the dresses in every spare moment, we arrived at Thrusday, and I ran out of elastic. Two of the eight dresses didn’t make it. Even after I had spent hours attempting to tie French Knots onto the green one.

So here are the six finalists!
I had planned to make all these dresses to give to my many friends who have had, or are going to have, baby girls. But I will admit that I have fallen in love with four of them and will be adding them to my baby girl stash. So I’ll just have to make more sweet little dresses for my friends.
I used Sew Much Ado’s infant peasant dress pattern and tutorial. I adore it! I first used it to make my niece Lucy a sweet little white dress, and then again I used it and altered it to make Lucy’s blessing dress. I will definitely be purchasing this pattern as soon as I have an excuse!
Dress Option 1
Cotton, adorably purple, with a specialty edging, and plain sleeves not gathered with elastic.
I was lazy and didn’t fill my bobbin with purple like I should have. I really enjoy this edge though.


Dress Option 2
Muslin, gingham and cotton. Attempt at flutter sleeves which turned out happily, if not as fully gathered as I would have wished. Vintage ric rac edge.
I used the neon orange thread we bought to make Nathan a hunting vest. I still can’t decide if I like it, but I don’t hate it enough to rip it out and start over.


Close up of the sleeve.


The dress inside out. I’m thinking this would make a good tutorial, seeing how cute the dress turned out!
Dress Option 3
The inspiration for the whole thing. Cotton. Special edging stitch which lends a slight scallop to the hem of the dress. Sleeves gathered with elastic bobbin thread.
I used such a light pink thread that it’s hard to get pictures of the edge. It’s a row of little hearts that gathers and puckers the hem of the dress into a scallop.
Dress Option 4
Cotton. Special edging, longer sleeves that are gathered with elastic.
Unfortunately, the green thread did not match the green in the fabric as closely as I had hoped. I may end up picking this edge out and putting on a ribbon instead.
Dress Option 5
Muslin with cotton edging secured with a blanket stitch. Embroidered flowers. Sleeves gathered with elastic bobbin thread.
Don’t you just love the way this edge turned out?! I’m definitely replicating this idea.


Little flowers with French knot centers. They are really light, so I might have to add a second strand of darker green to the petals. It was hard to get a picture of them, but they are really sweet.
Dress Option 6
Cotton, sleeves gathered with elastic thread in bobbin, two little buttons on front.


Because the fabric for this dress was so busy, I wanted to add something simple for my detail. So I sewed two little purple buttons in the front.
I really enjoyed this week, and I’m glad I took the risk.
Here’s a little photo shoot I took with Mackathanial and one of the dresses being modeled on a baby. (I don’t usually let him play with my Kirsten doll, but this was a special occasion. He has his own cabbage patch baby to love on)



No shoes, and nutella on his face, but he was loving on this baby!
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