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Ruffled PJs Pattern Tour


ruffled pjs-1

Well, blogging about this pattern has been an adventure!

These are the Ruffled PJs from Once Upon a Sewing Machine (CraftingCon!) The pattern was so sweet I couldn’t pass up the chance to sew some cute jammies for one of my nieces.

So after receiving the pattern, running out of ink after printing the first 3 pages, finally getting ink, moving across town, doing the One Thimble review, traveling to Boise, Thanksgiving, doing the Omni Tempore tour, leaving Mack with Grandma for two days to come back to Rexburg, and traveling back to Boise to drop Nathan off at the airport… well, I didn’t get started sewing the jammies when I needed to.

I had some silky pajamas from my sister-in-law that didn’t fit her anymore but were too short for me. They had purple, white and yellow vertical stripes and I knew Jana would just love the fabric. And we all know a good upcycle is my favorite!


_MG_3763 Devil fabric. Oh, it was so awful to sew on! I spent forever tying to do french seams to enclose all the fraying edges, and I swear I spent more time using the seam ripper than the sewing machine. That wonky top-stitching on the neckline was the final straw, and on Friday I threw them down on the floor and went to find some different fabric. (I was so mad at these pajamas that the pictures were taken at night and not even edited. *smoldering mad face….*)

Enter: fleece.
ruffled pjs-4
So cozy, so cute, and so much easier to sew with! I had these fleece ones done just in time for Miss Georgi’s birthday party on Saturday with only one slight mishap. I sewed the back lining and front lining to the front of the bodice, which created a cute shirt you couldn’t actually put a child in. But that was a pretty easy fix. Thankfully.

ruffled pjs-5


Instead of doing buttons on the back I chose velcro. Two reasons: 1. Velcro is super easy to do up when you’re dealing with a squirmy toddler, 2. I didn’t have buttons to match *winky face*














I love the cuff on the pants! I think I am going to make some jammie pants for my boys from this pattern. They are simple and look so comfy, especially in the fleece. Which isn’t a recommended fabric in the pattern, because it does get really thick with the bodice being lined, but I do think it works wonderfully for the pants.

ruffled pjs-3


ruffled pjs-7
The ruffle on my jammies got to have a bit of color-blocking. I did it because my fabric was limited, but I love the way it looks! It ties in the pants and the front bodice so perfectly.

I made Georgi the 18 month size so that they will fit and keep her warm all the way through the winter months.

 After taking the pictures I then discovered I wouldn’t have the computer and internet access I needed for photo editing, uploading and blogging until after I got home.

And after my husband remembered not to take the laptop to work with him. *palm to forehead*

 A quick 24 hour stomach flu with accompanying fever, and here we are! Phew!









During the photo shoot Ted kept saying how cute Georgi looked in her jammies, and said she looked just like Cindy Lou Who. So we gave her her first little top pony tail!

ruffled pjs-9
ruffled pjs-8


So even though I didn’t make it in time for the tour, I still loved making this pattern. I think I will have a pair in every size #somedaywhenihaveagirl

I think my favorite parts of the pattern are the lined bodice (I love lining things!), and the fact that the sleeve pattern does not say “cut on fold.” That to me is good sign of a well drafted sleeve, and both of these eased in nicely!

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  1. Amy mayen says:

    Adorable! I love it in soft cozy fleece!!


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