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Psych Inspired Sewing (bringing home my top stitchers post)

Since competing in Top Stitchers Season 3 is in my near future, I thought it might be aa good time to “bring home” my Top Stitchers Who-dun-it look.

Mackathanial still wears all the pieces from this, and is sad that shorts season is coming to an end. He loves everything so much that I’ve already had to do some mending, and we’ve collected a few stains.


And now, the post that appeared on Free Notion (with a few more pictures):


Is there anything better than a good mystery? Not much. I am a mystery junkie and picking just one inspiration for my Top Stitchers “whodunit” look was a pickle. I picked a detective who just happens to be snarky and psychic. Psych’s Shawn Spencer– better known as Spawn Censor by my 4-year-old. I think Mackathanial is well on his way to making assumptions, saying silly things and giving people ridiculous nicknames. I can hear it now, “Badenator, don’t be a gooey chocolate chip cookie.”


Shawn’s look is very classic and casual; tees, polos, button-ups and jeans. I pulled together a few different coordinating pieces for my little Shawn. The patterns I used are: Peek-a-Boo Classic Oxford, Winter Wear Designs Everything but the Kitchen Sink Henley, Sew a Straight Line Itty Bitty Boxer Briefs, and Titchy Threads Small Fry Skinny Jeans.


Button up: from one of my husband’s shirts. He wore it in our engagement photos and I’ve been holding on to it for the perfect upcycle. The bottom button and buttonhole are green, and there’s a tiny pineapple free-hand embroidered on the front. I love the way this shirt looks both over and under the tee.


Tee shirt: from a tee of mine, nothing special, but the perfect shade of green. I took the patterns from the EbtKS Henley and added bands to the sleeves and ditched the henley portion. After some poking around on the internet to figure out what the Psych font is, I came up with Dateline as a close match. I made afreezer paper stencil with my silhouette for the letters. The “o” pineapple was lightly stamped and hand painted to fill it in. Reference: Murder?… Anyone?… Anyone?… Bueller?


Boxers: from a women’s tee left in the laundry lost and found. I blogged a bit about them here. Mackathanial did wear these during the shoot, even though I didn’t take any pictures of them. For the pineapple butt I made another freezer paper stencil by tracing this free pineapple vector.


Shorts: jean material from a pair of my jeans from high school, zipper from a pair of little boy’s shorts that the butt was worn out of. Part of our challenge was to use a fabric of mysterious origin. My fabulous aunt gave me some bags of fabric a few months ago, and within those bags I found white fabric that was hemmed rather nicely, but had a few chunks missing. This fabric was at one point either a tablecloth or a curtain, and had been previously upcycled by my aunt, so I used it for the waistband lining and pockets. I made a stamp, using a bit of craft foam and wood, and stamped pineapples all over. The “psych” was traced from a computer screen and filled in by hand. I embroidered another pineapple on one butt pocket, I did it freehand, and it was a lot of fun and frustration.

#pineappleallthethings You know you want to.


Solving a mystery: 1) find mysterious tracks 2) follow them to the source 3) woah! Pineapple!


Shawn and Gus are always ignoring the rules when they do their detective work, so for our fun little photo shoot we ended up trespassing a little. What mystery could ever be solved without a little rule breaking?


I know you all can’t get enough of these pictures. If you’re absolutely dying for more head over to my blog. Aside from picture overload, I may or may not have a few fun extras to share with you.

Being a part of Top Stitchers has really been a blast. I can’t say every minute of sewing was chocolate and rainbows, but the way things ended up is exactly like I imagined. Sewing is like my third best quality. Right behind awesomeness and humility. 😉

Top Stitchers- Psych Whodunit - Mae & K-16

Don’t forget. Voting is all about picking who used the most pineapples. 

Or whichever look you like best. I’ve heard it both ways.



And naturally, I won. I did have the most pineapples after all. 

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