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Project Run & Play Week 3: Design Your Own Fabric

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Do your kids wear hand-me-downs? My boys do. I’m so lucky to have as much family as I do, and so many people have given me the clothes their kids are too big for.

But hand-me-downs really only last through so many kiddos, and The Badenator was super in need of pajamas.

And I decided to make some for my nieces while I was at it.



For The Badenator: Captain America inspired pajamas with a freezer paper stenciled top and hand-stamped bottoms.

For Gigi: Polka dot jammies with hand-stamped polka dots.

For Harper: Star jammies with reverse applique star.

_MG_1655 _MG_1648

I used the Winter PJs pattern from Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop.. I am super in love with these!

_MG_1646 _MG_1643

The pattern was easy to sew, and I love the way these turned out!



I made Mackathanial a similar Captain America Shirt when he was little, but I had just barely started sewing, so I wanted to try the same technique again on a better constructed garment. I still had some of the same knit fabric left over from Mackathanial’s shirt, so they are very similar.



I created my own stamp for the pants using craft foam. I used fabric paint and just eyeballed the spacing. I love how well the Avengers’ symbol turned out!


Pattern:Winter PJs


Fabric: All the jammies were made from thrifted t-shirts except for the shirt of The Captain America jammies, which was made with some knit remnants.



So excited for bedtime!


9 Responses to “Project Run & Play Week 3: Design Your Own Fabric”

  1. Roxanne K says:

    The pjs came out super cute! I really like the hand stamped details. I’m a big fan of salvaging knit material from t-shirts.

  2. Magda Estrela says:

    All those pajamas are way too cute… lucky kids!!!

  3. ks gentry says:

    Perhaps I am late here but I love your new Blog! Glad to have found it! And the kids outfits are adorable!

  4. adaynasmile says:

    Adorable! Question: How did you make such a perfect Avenger’s logo out of craft foam? Do you have any tips on that?

    • I used the avengers logo file, cut it out in vinyl, and stuck the vinyl onto the craft foam and then cut out around it. I did that with two layers of craft foam, glued them together, and then glued them backwards onto another few layers of craft foam. I’m sure there are stamp making tutorials out there on the internet, but that was what I came up with 🙂 -Maegen

      • adaynasmile says:

        Thanks! Do you think you could cut the craft foam directly? Hmmm…I’ll have to look for tutorials. You rock! 🙂


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