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Project Run & Play Week 2: Spring Break!

Let me just tell you. You don’t want to come to Rexburg for spring break. It’s been snowing!

I’d love to get out. Go to the beach.

I’ll make a confession. I haven’t ever seen the ocean.

Technically I’ve seen the San Francisco Bay and the Puget Sound, but never in my life have I stood on the beach and looked out at that endless body of water.

I know I’m missing out.

My current dream vacation is the Oregon Coast. The Oregon Coast was my Grandma-Great’s favorite place. I’ve been told it’s pretty cool and windy on the beach, so I wanted to create a look that was a little warmer than just swim trunks.

Spring Break Outfit Spring Break OutfitAccessories: Fedora and Sunglasses from The Children’s Place; shoes are hand-me-downs

Sweater: Upcycled sweater from Old Navy; Classic Ringer Tee

Pants: Medium weight cotton from Joann remnant bin, zebra print fat quarter; Little Gentleman Pants and Vest





Spring Break Outfit








Spring Break Outfit I started with the shoes.

I didn’t know how much I loved boat shoes until I had a name to attach to the style. These were passed on to Mack from my cousins Jack and Sam.

From boat shoes I started looking for a sort of beach/sailing style. I knew I had to do white slacks and blue striped top.



Spring Break Outfit Spring Break Outfit

I love these little white slacks. They are a huge guilty pleasure. If I didn’t sew, there’s no way I would buy my almost 3-year-old white pants. I have already had a heart-stopping incident involving chicken nuggets and ketchup. We changed outfits in the middle of dinner and the clothes are still safe. I let Mack pick the fabric for the pocket lining. It’s light blue with zebras. He was really excited about the pockets. I love the little welt back pockets and the side pockets. I can just imagine him filling them with little beach treasures.

Spring Break Outfit Spring Break Outfit Spring Break Outfit Spring Break Outfit Spring Break Outfit
I love this blue sweater. My mom bought it from the clearance section of Old Navy several years ago for my brother. When Dane grew out of it he passed it to Nathan because he knew how much I love it. Nathan wore it a few times to appease me, but finally confessed that he didn’t love it. I moved it into my fabric stash, and I think this was the perfect project for it. I made the Classic Ringer Tee in a size 3 so that it could be layered over other clothing. Mack will be 3 in June, but is still solidly wearing size 2.

Spring Break Outfit
I love how all the blue brings out his eyes.

I think the separate elements of this outfit will all get a lot of love.

Maybe we’ll make it to the Oregon Coast in a few years…

Baden can wear this.







Spring Break OutfitSpring Break Outfit

Mack had fun getting to play in Daddy’s drift boat while I took pictures.

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9 Responses to “Project Run & Play Week 2: Spring Break!”

  1. emily says:

    oh my, your welt pockets are lovely! I’m currently working up the courage to sew this kind of pocket {ha!} I’ve never been to Oregon either… would love to. I love this weeks Project Run and Play theme! I linked up a beachy outfit!

  2. Skirt Fixation says:

    Ooooh, I love that sweater to shirt upcycle! Good thinking, and great for the Oregon coast…it can get breezy.

  3. Ajaire says:

    Yes to discus! Haha and a big yes to the Oregon coast! You’d love it. This outfit is do great and he’s really growing up! It’s so good to see you blogging my friend 🙂

  4. Harmony says:

    Very cute! I’m definitely impressed by the welt pockets. I’m not brave enough for them yet. He looks like he is having a blast in that boat.

  5. Magda Estrela says:

    This outfit is adorable and Mack is just too cute! And just like you, I’d never buy ready made white clothes… but we can sew them, right? and they’re cute!!! hehehe… I live by the sea, and always feel so sad when I know of someone who has never seen it live, it’s just wonderful.

  6. Ren says:

    Too cool for school! Thanks for linking up at Inspire Us Thursdays!

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