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Project Run & Play Week 1: Put Me in the Zoo

Sometimes when you launch a new blog you have grand plans for your first post.

Sometimes when it’s time for Project Run & Play you have the perfect idea for a little girl’s outfit.

Sometimes you even have a model lined up to wear said outfit.

Sometimes your kids even nap at the same time for you.


Sometimes you’re not ready when the blog is.

Sometimes you don’t have everything sewn you had planned on.

Sometimes your kids are sick and you decide you’d rather not pass it on to your cute little model.

Sometimes you spend 60% of nap time with your seam ripper and the skirt you just serged on backwards.

And in spite of all…

Mae & K: Put Me in the Zoo Mae & K: Put Me in the Zoo Mae & K: Put Me in the Zoo Mae & K: Put Me in the Zoo


Sometimes the coat is adorable and perfect.

Pattern: Chic Cocktail Swing Coat by heidiandfinn in size 2

Fabric: Red felt remnants from Nathan’s cousin Heather. Zebra stripe cotton gifted from my great aunt Rinda

Notions: Chunky black button from my mom’s collection of vintage buttons.


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6 Responses to “Project Run & Play Week 1: Put Me in the Zoo”

  1. Ajaire says:

    I love the new look to the blog! And this jacket is ADORABLE. I’ve loved all the versions I’ve seen, but this one is so cute.

  2. Magda Estrela says:

    wonderful! I love red coats for little girls and that zebra print on the inside is just the cherry on top!

  3. Simple Simon says:

    Glad you still got to post think and link up! Love this coat. It is adorable!

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