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Project Run and Play Week 4

Formal Attire Week
And this week has been one of those weeks. I so very badly wanted to make Mackathanial a nice, sharp suit. But we didn’t find satisfactory suiting at Joann’s, and the pattern still hasn’t been bought. So that will have to happen another time. I’m thinking I’ll have to host a “think geek” sewing week and make Mackathanial his little blue suit then (Kudos if you can figure out why a little blue suit would be nerdy).
But anyway, back to the dress. My awesome cousin Maia, facebook messaged me last weekend to ask if I’d ever seen all the fabulous tutorials over at Sewing in No Man’s Land. Yes! Yes I have and I just adore so many of those sweet little dresses and skirts! Maia’s little girl is currently reaping the benefits of Maia’s goal to sew her way through the site. How awesome is that?
So with a renewed interest in the site, I decided that the Yorkshire Mini would be the perfect little formal dress, and I already had the perfect fabric for it.
So here it is!

The perfect material I had, if you’ll believe it, was from an old shower curtain my mom gave me. And I used an old top sheet for the lining fabric. How very Maria von Trapp of me! The outer fabric is very durable, but not stiff, which is nice.
So here’s how I feel about the dress:
I had no motivation to get it done! I cut the dress out on Saturday, and it sat for a few days. I took an iron to the pieces on Monday, and realized that the sheet fabric had been wrinkled when I cut it out, despite my best efforts to smooth it, and the lining pieces didn’t exactly match up with the outer pieces. But I didn’t really feel like cutting out more, so I just went with them. I sewed the first few things together, but stopped when it was time to work with the sleeves. And the dress sat until Wednesday night, when I realized my deadline was coming up and I’d better get a move on. So I put Seinfeld on the computer and got to work. And the sleeves really were easy. I put them in in such a way that the only seam that’s not enclosed is that one for the bottom of the sleeve. It was a teeny bit more complicated, and I wish I had taken pictures of how I did it, but I honestly didn’t even think about it until after it was all said and done. Thursday I put on the skirt and took pictures, and today is Friday and I’m finally writing about it. (I picked a Twilight movie night with my sister-in-law over blogging).
I still haven’t decided if I want to put buttons on that collar. I probably will if I can find the perfect ones. I have decided that the ribbon is not quite right, and after holding a scrap of gold fabric up to the dress I think I’d like a gold satin sash.
The back. You can tell from this shot how much of a sack the dress turned out to be. I misread the tutorial and instead of cutting out two skirt pieces that were 28 inches long I only cut out one, and so the skirt has no gather to it, and I didn’t have anyone to try it on so I didn’t get any darts put in. (Mackathanial point blank refused to let me try it on him. He didn’t seem to mind the first two weeks of dresses, but I think he’s on to me)
Here’s a shot with the lining. It’s amazing how well my old sheet and my mom’s old shower curtain matched!

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