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My first ever self-drafted pattern

Back in 2012 I finally got brave enough to sew along with a competition I had been following. That competition was Project Run and Play and I really had no idea then just how much I would love it and where it would end up taking me. Project Run and Play is basically the reason I started blogging anything other than Mack updates, and it was a huge impetus to get me into sewing.
It’s funny, but when I didn’t know as much about sewing drafting my own pattern for things wasn’t as scary as it seems to be to me now. I had very little knowledge of how patterns worked when I created this shirt for Alaina. It wasn’t anywhere near perfect, but I was proud of the fact that I had come up with the whole entire idea on my own and then brought it into being. Looking at it now, I’m not a huge fan of the style. Alaina wore it for a few months and then grew out of it, but she really did love this shirt.
IMG_9999       IMG_9998








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