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Pattern Review: 4 Seasons Tank and Tee

*Disclaimer: this pattern (4 seasons tank and tee) was provided to me free of charge. All opinions are 100% my own*

4 seasons tank and tee | Mae & K - 9


The 4 seasons tank and tee!  A pattern that promises to be used all year long.  This Little Kiwi’s Closet pattern may be exactly the staple you’re looking for in your child’s wardrobe.  This beginning sewing level pattern is a unisex pattern and comes in sizes Newborn -12 years.

Sleeve options include:

  • Long Sleeves
  • Short Sleeves
  • No Sleeves with bound armholes

All those choices really do make it a great pattern for all year.  There’s also a cut line and measurements for a pattern piece so you can put a band around the bottom.  That would make it really easy to turn this into a cute sweater for winter (just use a cozy knit)!

4 seasons tank and tee | Mae & K - 13

So let’s talk about my experience sewing the tee.  As per usual, I cut the pattern out without measuring my kids. 🙂 Not a smart move with a pattern you haven’t sewn before. You should ALWAYS measure and pick your size based on that.

I made a size 2 with no alterations, expecting it to fit The Badenator. It was hanging off his shoulders when I tried it on, so I went back to check measurements. Turns out it would have been better to make him the 18 month.

Lucky for me, my 4-year-old has a 21 inch chest, which is the exact measurement of the size 2 in the pattern. Phew!


4 seasons tank and tee | Mae & K - 8

Once I had the shirt on the right kid, I was in love with the fit.  It’s loose, but not uber baggy.  The neckband turned out perfectly.  I like that it’s a bit thicker than a tee shirt usually has.


4 seasons tank and tee | Mae & K - 5

A little back view. I upcycled this from a shirt my mother-in-law gave me. The knit is really soft, but there was a blemish in the print! Can you find it?

4 seasons tank and tee | Mae & K - 6

A quick note about the sleeves. Like I mentioned before, I made a size 2 with no alterations.  And while this fits Mackathanial perfectly in the chest, the sleeves are too short! This will be easily fixed by adding a band to the end of the sleeves.  So watch out for that when sewing up your own 4 seasons tank and tee, or any pattern for that matter– measure, measure, measure!

4 seasons tank and tee | Mae & K - 1


Final rating of the pattern:  7/10 Cute Lego Creations!  I will definitely be sewing this one again.




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