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Not Quite Finished

He’s sure cute.
But unfortunately, I wasn’t able to complete my look for Project Run and Play this week.
I had decided to make Mackathanial an outfit with four elements: beanie, jeans, suspenders and a shirt.
The beanie was easy, and the first part of the look I finished. The reason it didn’t make it into the pictures– I couldn’t find it. He wore it yesterday, and it didn’t make it back into his basket.
I did the jeans next. I used this kid pants tutorial, and made the lined version. The materials are from an old pair of Nathan’s jeans and some scraps of flannel from other projects.
They look so cute with his little black wellies. Booth the boots and pants are too big, so there’s a good chance they’ll fit him at the same time. Probably next fall.
Suspenders. These were surprisingly easy. Nathan had a pair he didn’t ever wear that were in our dress-up box anyway, so I took them apart, cut them down to Mackathanial’s size, and put them back together.
And the shirt. Oh the shirt. I had such high hopes! I wanted to do a collared, button-up shirt out of one one Nathan’s flannel shirts. I didn’t have a pattern, so I decided to try drafting one myself. This was an adventure. And it’s going to continue to be an adventure until I finish it. I’ve got the body of the shirt complete, but am definitely running into issues with the collar and sleeves.
Here I had just realized that the collar was over-lapping… so I’m planning on spending some quality time with my seam ripper, and going back to square one for the collar piece.
Mackathanial wore his pants and suspenders all day with a cute red thermal shirt.


They are definitely comfy and play ready!

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