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Mykonos Muslin

mykonos-muslin-1w   Have you ever wanted to try making your own swimwear?  I know I have!  It seems to be So. Much. Harder. to find something that not only is the style I want and flatters my body, but is also a print I like!  I mean, it’s like a horrible swimming suit Venn Diagram.


I had way too much fun creating that.

Anyway, after losing the baby weight from my boys, my swimming suit is a bit too big, and I’ve considered buying a new one.  That’s where I’ve been for about a year now, but I haven’t found one I like.  So when I saw that there was a cute pattern for bathing suits coming out in the Bundle Up sale, I was all over that!

*the bundle sale ends today! I seriously thought it went through Sunday, but it ends today, so you’d better grab your patterns quickly if you were looking at some!*



What do you think of this neon floral?  Nathan REALLY doesn’t like it, but I kind of do.  Either way, it was the perfect fabric to make a muslin for the Mykonos top.  Why a muslin?  Well, because I didn’t want to cut into the  fabric I bought (and love) before knowing what I needed to change about the pattern so that it would fit my body.  I needed to add length to the skirt portion of the empire style top.  I added 3.5 inches, but I’m thinking I may even add another half inch to the final so I have the length I need to hem it.

mykonos-muslin-3wI was a little worried the back portion would be too low as well.  After trying this on, I’m going to be changing the pattern again, and adding more traditional straps instead of halter ties.

Now, before you guys think I’m so awesome and sage-like for telling you to make a muslin….

I didn’t make a muslin for the bottoms.

And I really should have!

I mistakenly thought that just because Amy’s bottoms fit her perfectly, the pattern would do the same for me.

It didn’t.

I’ll spare you pictures, but I think my bottoms would have been a big hit for plumbers if you get my drift…


So I cut a 6 inch wide strip of fabric (luckily I had enough extra to do that!) that was just a bit shorter than the distance around my waist, folded it in half, and added a yoga waistband to the boyshorts to get the bum coverage I needed. It didn’t come off perfectly, and I’m more than a little disappointed, but they’re wearable.  And the top will cover the wonky waistband when I wear the suit.

mykonos-muslin-4wYeah, I know, they’re all wrinkled. 🙂 They’re still a bit of a work in progress.

Well, does this make swimwear seem like something YOU could sew?  Because even though this first attempt hasn’t gone perfectly, I totally feel like a rockstar! I’m making myself a swimsuit!

And in the same week I made JEANS even!

4 Responses to “Mykonos Muslin”

  1. Great diagram I love the comic Indexed do you know it? Sewing a swimsuit is indeed rock star behavior, you go girl! Might be me next year 😉

  2. Magda Estrela says:

    I loved to sew myself a bikini with this pattern. A muslin was a great ideal. I guess i have made mine about three muslins in my life. I am too lazy to do that but sometimes it’s worth it.

    • Yours was so fabulous, Magda! I agree with you that muslins are sometimes worth it. Sewing for yourself is harder, and getting a perfect fit is more important. Just like you, I’m lazy and never make muslins for my boy’s clothes. Kid’s clothes don’t usually seem to need muslins, they’re so much simpler. -Maegen

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