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Make Believe Week: Pellinore Dress Up Shield


I’m super excited to be participating in Make Believe week, but I don’t think I am nearly as excited as Mack is about his new toys. Mack has capes, and a wand, tons of hats, a green Mohawk wig and a clown nose… but he has been begging me for a sword (or a new lightsaber. We are definitely doing those in the future.)

Adventure 1-9a

My original dreams were a little more grand than what you see here. 🙂


I drafted a pattern and sewed up a little sword to match the shield… but it didn’t exactly turn out like I wanted. The sword would fold in half when Mack played with it. He didn’t seem to care too much, but I knew I could do better.

 Sorry for the bad cell phone pictures.

Then it hit me, I could make a sword from cardboard! It really was a cinch! Draw sword shape, draw hilt shape, cut out, cut slit into hilt shape and slide onto sword. The cardboard sword made a great toy. Lasted just a few days, but it was so much fun! And when he wants another, we just have to find a box.

Adventure 1-11a

I have a free pattern for you to make a Pellinore Sheild of your own. It’s pretty simple, however, I am working on a tutorial for it.

PDF DownloadPellinore Shield PDF

Adventure 1-2a

For the shield I used quilter’s cotton, heavy duty interfacing and some fusible bonding web to help with putting it together.

Adventure 1-1a

And now:  Picture Overload. Because he’s just so cute!

Adventure 1-5a

Adventure 1-6a

If you’re wondering about the symbol on the front, it is Toothless. I used a free printable (here) and traced it in the Silhouette Design Studio to make a freezer paper stencil.

Adventure 1-8a

Adventure 1-4a

Adventure 1-10a

I hope you enjoyed my post today! I just love Chelsea’s blog series, and I know there are a ton of fun things to come.

Adventure 1-3a

And my favorite outtake:

Adventure 1-7a

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  1. Dollofmalice says:

    Oh to be a knight with a cardboard sword! This is like going back in time! I adore this!

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