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Introducing: Hyrum

Semi-recently I just so happened to take on a big project– a 3rd child.

He’s a cute little stinker who insisted on waiting to be born in January, even though he could have saved his parents a few thousand dollars by coming in December.

Yeah, he’s never going to live that one down.

The poor little guy came out really bruised. His nurses had to make signs for his bassinet so that they knew he was still breathing, he was super purple.

We bought this little coming home outfit for him in the middle of Snowmageddon, because I was anxious that we hadn’t bought him anything yet. He wore everything but the pants home from the hospital because we forgot those.

And now a brief picture explosion. I really really pared them down, because I have about 11 months worth on my phone, but I wanted to share just a few on here. Because we all know you can never see too many pictures of a cute baby.

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