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Hangout Hunting Vest

Because sometimes pregnant ladies lose their minds a bit, you guys are getting two posts today!

Somehow I had it set in my mind that my “flipped” pattern was going to be going up on Frances Suzanne on Sunday, November 17th. So when I sat down to do a bit of blog reading and post writing this afternoon I was very surprised to see that I was wrong! Very surprised, and a little embarrassed. I hope that those people who came over earlier expecting to see this post enjoyed the owl post!

I ended up with a golden opportunity yesterday, and had a darling model to wear my tiny hunting vest. Isn’t she a doll?

Using the smallest size in the hangout hoodie (6 months) and woven fabric gave me a vest that was a perfect 3 month size.

The collar is just a smidge different on this vest.

I used a completely different set of fabrics on this vest. I love how well the flannel (red and black plaid) and thick knit (blue) go together. The vest is super cozy.

Reagan seemed to prefer wearing this flannel side in, knit side out.

The flannel was thrifted from one of Nathan’s old shirts, and the knit is from my mother-in-law. (remember the bow on the tumble tee I shared yesterday? Same fabric.)

Flip This Pattern

Be sure to stop by Frances Suzanne today to see the vest I made Mackathanial!


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