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Free Pattern Friday: Capote Pattern

Today’s pattern is something a little different.

Free Pattern Friday: Capote


Have you ever heard of a capote?  Not Truman, the author.  Capote, the coat. (They’re pronounced differently.)  These coats were made and worn by American Indians and Mountain Men.  They are traditionally made from wool blankets.  We cheated a little bit with this capote, and used a fleece blanket as a liner.  The Olive outer blanket is a wool blanket from the Army Surplus Store, and the grey lining is a fleece blanket from Walmart.  I also used my serger for the majority of the coat’s construction, rather than sewing the entire thing by hand.

Free Pattern Friday: Capote

There are quite a few different free tutorials on making a capote.  I used the ones found here.  I didn’t add fringe to this capote, or the one I made for The Hubs.  I don’t think I will ever add fringe to one (there’s a reason fringe and cringe rhyme.)

Free Pattern Friday: Capote

Now, the pockets aren’t part of the original pattern, but if you want pockets, they’re pretty simple.  Cut two squares to whatever size you want, place them where you feel they need to go, and sew them on!

Have you ever made a capote? Will you be making one now that you know what they are?

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