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So it’s Saturday, and I am posting my first outfit! I started on this little dress quite a while ago, so don’t even for a second think that I spent all week working on this embroidery. You may remember seeing me post pictures of my sketch and then the completed umbrella if you follow me on instagram.

This sweet little dress is for my best frienddaughter. Ki got to see the WIP when they came for a visit. I love how the dress turned out. The pattern was the infant peasant dress by sew much ado. I used my own tutorials for the sleeves– they can be found here and here. It wasn’t my complete original idea– which involved so much more embroidery– but I am so happy with how that little umbrella turned out.

The umbrella ended up being a little bit closer to the neckline than I wanted, so it does bunch up a little. I’m sure it won’t even be noticeable once Harper has the dress on. My inspiration for the umbrella came from watching How I Met Your Mother. As those of you who watch the show know, that umbrella happens to be yellow, and when I sketched the umbrella onto the muslin I had intended on doing a yellow umbrella. Then I got to looking through my embroidery floss, and fell in love with the idea of red. I’m so happy I picked red. I don’t think the yellow would have popped the same way the red does, and the red umbrella is a good compliment to the pink lining. And the umbrella just had to be for Ki’s baby, because they live near Seattle.

After I finished sewing the dress I realized I had forgotten to sign it. I have been starting to sign a lot of my creations with, “Foster Ramblings” using the lettering my sewing machine does. Because I wanted to leave the skirt as a bubble skirt, I knew there was no way I could use my machine to sign this dress without taking out the neckline and then detaching the lining. So I decided to hand embroider something a little more personal with a pretty blue.

Here’s a photo of the lining. I used more of the pink floral top sheet I used in this project.

If I can figure out a good way to explain what I did, I’ll post a tutorial on how to create your own fully-lined bubble-skirted infant peasant dress.

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