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Doctor Love

Project Run and Play Week 4: Valentine Inspired Outfit
Do you watch Doctor Who? I love it! And this is one of the best things about the 11th Doctor:
Bow ties are cool!
I found just a bit of adorable red fabric with polka hearts (since they’re not dots) and I just knew it was meant to be a bow tie.
And from there the rest of the outfit was just natural.
Ok, I’ll admit, the shots are not great, and the top button of the sweater has not been sewn on. BUT, I was under a huge time crunch. I had too many things on my plate and unfortunately, PR&P is not top priority (as much as I wish it was some days). So I was definitely cursing myself for adding so many buttons. This outfit has 9 buttons and 15 buttonholes!
The Sweater
It’s kind of huge on him. I drafted my own pattern, and I’m honestly not in love with it. I will probably like it better when it fits him, but right now I just don’t like the way it sits when he’s got it on.
I used an old sweatshirt from when Nathan worked at Standard Plumbing Supply (I have a ton of red shirts left, and a beanie now that I’ve used the sweater).
5 buttons, 6 buttonholes (I’ll sew the other button on soon, I promise!).
The Slacks
I had to put away the slacks from the Mack the Knife outfit. They were too small and I just about cried that my baby had grown out of them. Then came the moment of panic when I realized that Mackay didn’t have any nice pants to wear to church until he hit 24 month size (he’s in 18 months so that’s going to be a while). I asked Nathan if he had any dress pants he wanted to get rid of and luckily he did.
I used the same pattern I used for the Mack the Knife slacks, and just took a 3/8 seam allowance rather than a 5/8. It worked out alright, although I added too much fabric to the bottom of the pattern and had to take the hem up 2 inches! Also, the back of the pants didn’t fit as snugly as they had with the other pair, so I devised an elastic thingy so that he can wear these pants for a long time (especially with all that hem that can be let out).
There you go.
Here’s where all those extra buttonholes come in.
Pants:  3 buttons, 3 buttonholes
Elastic band: 6 buttonholes (and I really only needed 4)
Here’s a close-up of the pinstripe. In some of the pictures the pants look grey, so I just wanted to clarify.
The Bow Tie
I started with this tutorial, but made a silly mistake when I calculated the length I needed to fit it around Mack’s neck. So that’s why it looks funny, but that stuff is all under the collar so it doesn’t matter. I added the elastic, rather than just sewing on more fabric, so that it would be more comfortable. The velcro was added after I realized how hard it is to tie a bow tie and that there would be no way I could get Mack to hold still long enough for me to successfully tie it on him.
The fedora is one we got on clearance from The Children’s Place.


I love the way his ears stick out because he pulls it down onto his head too far.


He wouldn’t look at me, but a friend got him to smile.


He’s ever so handsome, no?

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