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CraftingCon: The Design, the Stitch and the Wardrobe

Hi there I’m Andrea from The Design, The Stitch and The Wardrobe.  I am in love with making costumes – I seriously lie awake at night and wonder what I can make next (yes I need a better social life) each one has to be grander and more complex than the last – just wait and see what I have in store for ‘Once Upon a Time’ month.

Unfortunately (well not unfortunately but somewhat so for the benefit of variety in costume making) I am Mum only to boys – 6 of them to be exact). Yikes!!! I know….so when this venture came up I had to grab a dear friends daughter to be my Galadriel.
Galadriel is the beautiful guardian of the elven wood of Lothlórien, she has wisdom, powers of telepathy and the ability to gaze into the future and more to the point – those gowns!!!! When I heard about the LoTR challenge I immediately had visions of long floating white sleeves and floor length skirts and then promptly rememebred about the ‘no costumes’ rule so this is what i came up with instead.
Galadriels blue/grey and white gown was the inspiration for this party dress.  I used Amelie and Henri’s Vienna blouse pattern and basically just added width and length to turn it into a dress.  The sleeves were obviously a main feature of the original costume so I used a sheer chiffon to create a much more user friendly flutter sleeve.  I tried to achieve a similar colour by using teal chiffon as an overlay to a green broadcloth which creates  the main part of the dress.  A white sparkle net was used over white broadcloth to replicate the white neck of the original.  The brooch and headpiece were added to complete the look.
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