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CraftingCon: Shaffer Sisters

I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love to know some of my favorite bloggers in person. Well it just so happens that I actually do know Al. She and my hubby were best buds in high school. But, I decided to be nice and not find an embarrassing yearbook picture to share with you all.
Scroll down to the end for the giveaway and link party. And if you haven’t yet, head over to Friends Stitched Together and check out Sarah’s Snow White Look.
Hello Crafting Con readers, I am Al the youngest of the Shaffer Sisters. It is always our goal to encourage, inspire, uplift, and create with you. If you think that sounds like you or something you need in your life please don’t hesitate to follow us. We could really use your support as we compete in Project Run and Play in the upcoming weeks.
I had so many ideas of what I could share with you today, but I hope you will not be disappointed by the creative liberties I chose to take to give you this Anna Inspired look. I consider my sewing to be art, and I want my designs to be unique creations that are not copies of someone else’s work.
I made this dress by up-cycling and creatively using Candy Castle Princess Dress Pattern. It’s such an easy pattern to slightly modify to make about any princess dress you want. The pattern comes with 4 sleeve options (sleeveless, short puffy, elbow length, and slim long sleeves) and the choice of slim fit or regular fit. The fitting makes it possible to really get the perfect size and look for your little girl. I love, Love, LOVE this pattern! At this point I’ve made four dresses with three more cut out. The fit of this pattern couldn’t be better and I feel like this is the most beautiful dress pattern on the little girls market with so much potential to create something totally unique each time. It’s virtually impossible not to make a beautiful dress with this pattern. Although using fabric from the store is great, in my experience up-cycling makes the very best dresses.
Although it’s simple to replicate looks, I found that my favorite creations in making my daughter princess dresses this summer have been the ones that haven’t felt like carbon copies of the Disney cartoons. What makes fashion and sewing so exciting is that you can make something beautiful and unique.
This dress was originally made because I wanted to make something beautiful for my little girl that could show my love and appreciation for her. She has been such a great big sister to her younger brother and new baby sister. I wanted something that she could wear around the house or to church and not skip a beat. Although, climbing trees and riding bikes prove to be a little tricky with this dress.
The Anna Inspired dress started out as this hideous, strapless mermaid style dress from the 80s that I found in the women section of Goodwill for $5. I brought it home and Ty loved it so much that she wore it around with her feet tripping over the skirt for a couple of days. Eventually I carefully cut the skirt off and separated the dress into workable fabric pieces.
Much of the reason Ty loved the original dress so much is the fullness of the skirt so I used all of the skirt and slip under it to make the dress. I modified the Candy Castle Princess Dress Pattern to give a unique look and work with my limited fabric in the bodice.
The dress was completed by putting one KAM snap at the very bottom of the bodice with the bow of the sash to cover it. This gave the beautiful v-back of the dress. The only other fabric besides the hideous dress I had to purchase was the black that was used for the sash and bottom slip.
Since the dress was originally made to just be a beautiful princess dress,  I decided not to ruin the beauty of it by painting crazy flowers on the bottom of the skirt. The colors are similar to Anna’s dress throughout the majority of Frozen. The style, mainly the sleeves and skirt fullness, fit more with Anna’s coronation dress.
To make the dress look more Anna inspired, I made her a fuchsia hooded cape to go along with it. It’s simply just a half circle with a radius of 30″. The fabric was 60″ wide so I could use it’s full width. I then cut a smaller half circle with the arc length the same size as my finished hood. I used the hood and neck band measurement from the Samson Sweater by Love Notions to complete the cape. This was such an easy sew and she loves this cape even without the dress.
It seems like every little girl dreams of becoming a princess, but at some point they outgrow it. I know it sounds silly, but I hope my little girl never does. I hope she looks deep into herself and remembers that she is a daughter of God and as such that she is a princess. This kind of princess should be kind, loving, genuine, obedient, and respectful. Although most of the Disney princesses fall under many of these categories they wont teach her to reach her full potential. I love that she can throw on the cape and pretend to be Anna or ditch the cape and simply be her own princess as I help her become more.
With Love,

This month’s giveaway is this adorable Snow White dress in size 4T. Even if you don’t have a girl in that size, it would make a great birthday or Christmas present for a special someone who does!

Snow White

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We know it’s hard to define the line where a princess dress becomes a costume, so we are opening the linky party to any and all Prince or Princess looks, Disney or otherwise! You’ll notice I said Prince – I’m planning on Flynn Rider for my boys! The girls can’t have all the fun 🙂 Have you made your daughter a Cinderella ballgown? Add it. Does your girl wear her upcycled tee with Elsa’s face on the front? Add it. Did you make your son an Aladdin costume for Halloween? Add it! One lucky linker will win one pattern of their choice from some more of our favorite designers: Paisley RootsFabulous Home SewnPie Pie Designs! What are you waiting for? Get linking!

Rules for the link up: Enter anything fiber-related and Prince- or Princess-themed from the past year (this means last Halloween counts!). There is no limit to how many posts you can link up, but adding more won’t increase your chances of winning – in other words, you can enter fifteen looks, but will only be entered to win once. The contestants for this month are allowed to enter anything they’ve done that fits the theme, but are not eligible to win – however, our guest posters can enter their posts and are eligible to win. I can’t wait to see what you’ve all made!

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  1. Amy mayen says:

    My favorite princess is Princess Diana. She was a real life princess who used her title to advocate for people. Thanks for the cool giveaway, link up, and wowser I love the Shaffer Sisters. They truly live up to their mission statement;)

  2. Candy Castle Patterns says:

    That is so beautiful, I feel so honored that we could be a little part in the creation of this stunning dress. Amazing work and beautiful pictures. <3 Candy Castle Patterns

  3. T. DeHof says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!!! My favorite (Disney) Princess is Cinderella!

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