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CraftingCon: Pieces by Polly


When we first started asking people to participate in CraftingCon, Polly was one of the bloggers I most wanted to participate. She has put out a bunch of fun Harry Potter tutorials, so I knew she would be perfect for the Harry Potter competition month. Aside from her Harry Potter stuff, Polly makes adorable quilts. My favorites are probably her “geeky” quilts. She has one that is Dr. Seuss, one that’s Star Trek and a Superhero quilt. I was so excited to see what she made for CraftingCon, I know you are too!




I’m super excited to be a part of the Harry Potter CraftingCon fun.  I got into Harry Potter crafting about a year and a half ago when my daughter asked for a Harry Potter birthday party when she turned 8.  Since then the ideas just keep on coming and I have over 20 different Harry Potter themed projects on my blog, so this was the perfect excuse to try out some of the ideas that have been bouncing around in my head and combine them with a few projects from the past.  If you’re not feeling up to making your own Harry Potter fan items, I sell a number of Harry Potter themed items in my Etsy shop, although I have free tutorials for most of them on my blog.

When I heard we were supposed to go for a look inspired by Harry Potter, but “practical enough that
they can be worn to the grocery store,” my first thought was of the Hermione Skirt that I made for Katie, my oldest daughter, for her 9th birthday a few months ago.  Hermione is my daughter’s hero, and like Hermione, Katie devours books as an amazing pace, so I thought I’d narrow down the theme to things Hermione would wear and bring on a trip to the library.

First off, Hermione carries around a lot of books, so she’s got to have a magical bag.  I picked up a black canvas tote bag at the craft store and did some easy freezer paper stenciling.  I used gold fabric paint (although I think silver would look awesome too) and used this Harry P font for the letter.  (If you’ve never done freezer paper stenciling, it’s really easy and I’ve got a tutorial for it here.)

I also used freezer paper stencil for making Katie’s Hermione skirt.  I didn’t use a pattern for the skirt.  It’s just a basic tube skirt with a wide exposed elastic waist.  I made it grey, so it would be similar to the Hogwarts uniforms, but added a silhouette of Hermione carrying books and a wand to make it a bit more fun.  I actually made this skirt a couple months ago for Katie’s birthday.  She wears it with the grey sweater (minus the white collared shirt and Gryffindor tie) to school often.  I think it strikes a good balance between being able to “dress-up like Hermione” while staying in the realm of “regular clothes.”

The sweater is a hand-me-down that I added red and gold around the collar using embroidery thread.  Super easy!  (For everyday wear, Katie doesn’t wear the white shirt and tie, but she insisted on them for the photos.)

And to keep herself safe from Dementor attacks, she’ll want to be sure she has a wand to cast a patronus spell if need be.  Of course if this was the real Hermione, she would have an otter on her chain, but Katie has decided her patronus would be a dolphin.  The necklace is a typical glass tile necklace with a wand charm and animal charm added.  (Hahaha…sorry for the lame photoshop job.)

But of course Hermione doesn’t go to the library just to practice casting the patronus charm.  She goes there to work and do research, so she’s got to take a few notes.

Her bag is well stocked.  In fact, if you’re as handy with an undetectable extension charm as Hermione is, you may be able to fit an infinite number of things inside. 

One essential for research is a small composition notebook.  I picked it up at the dollar store because I noticed it had a red and white cover.  A quick  go over with a yellow sharpie did the trick to turn it into a Gryffindor notebook.


Hermione may have a way of being able to magically mark her spot in the book, but Katie hasn’t learned that spell yet, so we I made her some pieced bookmarks made from scraps.  I didn’t want them to be too think, so there’s no batting in the middle…just the front and back fabric with some decorative stitching.  I had some fun with the top stitching and added a Deathly Hallows symbol to one and added Always to the other.


But of course it’s summer time and school is nearly out.  Hermione will still do plenty of reading, but instead of staying in the library, she may prefer to do her reading outdoors on a Gryffindor Quilt.

And of course, when the weather turns colder again, the quilt will be perfect for curling up in front of the Gryffindor Commonroom fire with a good book.

I’ve been wanting to make a Harry Potter themed quilt for quite a while.  I wanted a quilt that wouldn’t be TOO obviously Harry Potter and was pretty on it’s own terms, so I went with red and gold fabrics in an abstract pattern.  (I’m hoping to have a tutorial for the quilt up in a few weeks.)

I chose black for the back to be a nice contrast and reminiscent of those black Hogwarts Robes.  


I also like to add either an applique or some piecing to the backs of my quilts to add a bit of interest.  I debated about whether to add the Deathly Hallows symbol, a pair of glasses with a lightening bolt, or s flying snitch.  Since this was a “Hermione” quilt, I opted for the Deathly Hallows symbol.  Had this been for a “Ginny” quilt (my younger daughter’s favorite), I would have gone for the golden snitch, and I suppose that the glasses and lightening bolt would be best for a Harry fan.

This has been a lot of fun.  I’ll be sharing more details about these projects, as well as some other fun Harry Potter ideas I’ll have in the next month or so, be sure come follow me at Pieces by Polly.   You can also find Pieces by Polly on Facebook and Instagram as @PiecesbyPolly.


Polly blogs at Pieces by Polly

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5 Responses to “CraftingCon: Pieces by Polly”

  1. Ren says:

    The whole outfit is perfect. Love the quilt, especially the back! And that pic from above is by far my favorite shot.

  2. Daniela Gutierrez says:

    ahhhh I love it! It is really cool, the pics are awesome they tell the story so well 🙂

  3. Megan says:

    Wow! I love this entire post! As a Harry Potter fan, this is perfect and my favorite was the skirt with the stenciled image. Did you create the image or is it available somewhere? The quilt was amazingly done as well. Great job and I look forward to checking out your other Harry Potter inspired project tutorials.

  4. Jessica Berry says:

    So fun! Love the quilt and book marks!!

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