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CraftingCon: Friends Stitched Together

I had no idea that I would make such great friends when I started blogging. I’m so excited to have Amy here today, she is seriously the bomb and I love what she has to share today!


We’re short a guest poster for this Hunger Games month, so y’all get me (Amy) instead! If you haven’t seen Chelsea’s amazing miniature Effie competition look, you really have to go check it out on Friends Stitched Together – it’s pretty awesome!

CraftingCon: Hunger Games | Friends Stitched Together - Peeta Pajamas

Even though I love the Hunger Games, I was kinda stumped when it came to actually sewing a look for the theme! I was complaining about there not being any good “boy” looks (in case you don’t know I’m a boy mama and love sewing for them) in the movies to Maegen and she sent me this picture – of course! So I made some Peeta Pajamas for my three year old 🙂

Peeta Pajamas {{Friends Stitched Together}}

I spent some time looking at more images of the Quarter Quell uniforms and figuring out the things I really wanted to incorporate. I wanted the unusual color blocking of the silver, the very defined seams and top stitching, and the thumb holes.

Or "bum holes" if you're three and don't pronounce your 'th's properly...

Or “bum holes” if you’re three and don’t pronounce your ‘th’s properly…

I used the Rival Raglan from GYCT for the shirt since I know I love the fit and the raglan sleeves had the look I was going for. I figured out where I wanted the silver sections to go, chopped the whole thing up, and put it back together again! I’m so happy with how the points on the silver for the front came out – it can be a little dicey sewing those 🙂

For the sleeves, I split them into three sections and did some top stitching on the black sections. If you look closely, you’ll see that I did a different circular-type design on each sleeve. I hate trying to mark dark fabric, especially a knit, so I didn’t even try to follow a pattern. I used a wide, tight zig zag stitch for all the topstitcing so it would really stand out.

Peeta Pajamas {{Friends Stitched Together}}

The pants are the Alex and Anna Winter Pajamas from PeekABoo Patterns. The legs are actually one piece in the pattern, but I wanted to add the gray patch to just the back of the knee, so I cut the pattern into two pieces and added seam allowance to the sides. I also top stitched the inseam to match the top stitching on the shirt.

Peeta Pajamas {{Friends Stitched Together}}

The silver is from the dance/swim section at JoAnn’s – I was really hoping to find something ‘fishier’ to match the inspiration picture, but this was the closest I could get. I think it works and even my husband approves! The gray and black are some nice, thick knits that will be so cozy for this winter.

Peeta Pajamas {{Friends Stitched Together}}

You can’t have a baker boy look without some bread, right? John thought it was the coolest thing that he got to eat while I was taking pictures!

Peeta Pajamas {{Friends Stitched Together}}

Is anyone else excited for the new movie coming out this month? I know I am – but I can’t believe they split it into two and are making us wait another year for the rest! I’ve read the books, so I know the ending, but there’s something just fun and magical about seeing it brought to life in the theater 🙂

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