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CraftingCon: Dandelion Drift

Today, to kick of Villains month, we have Teresa from Dandelion Drift. She makes absolutely gorgeous clothes! This knock off is one of my favorites. This Sally dress is beautiful, and this Ninja costume is really fun!

If you haven’t been over to Friends Stitched Together yet, you should get over there now and see what Brianne made!

Hey all! Thanks for having me here to talk about villains…yikes! I think it’s funny that I’m sewing up villains because my kids are not the villain loving type of kids. It’s all good guys, flowers, and rainbows over here. Actually, in the past year my son (a.k.a. Bubba) has kind of gotten into the villain thing. In fact he asked if I could make him a Gollum costume this year for Halloween. What…Gollum? How am I even going to begin doing that. And how am I going to do that without everyone thinking Bubba is walking around the neighborhood nekid??? Oh my!

And I guess my girl (a.k.a. Sweet Pea) is starting to like villains too…she gave me an equally difficult Halloween challenge. Are you ready for it…Jabba the Hutt. Again…what? We live in Florida where it is hot 9 out of 10 Halloweens. Ahh…I don’t know if I’ll be able to wave my magic wand and make their Halloween costume wishes come true this year. We’ll see.

CraftingCon: Villains | Dandelion Drift Hamburglar Costume

Well, it was fun to think of different villains for this Crafting Con challenge. I asked my kids who they thought of when I said villains, and I loved that their minds went straight to books. “How about the white witch of Narnia” or maybe “an Egyptian God” from one of Rick Riordan’s books. In the end I went with one of my own ideas, from my childhood, the Hamburglar!

Hamburglar Two

My kids looked at me and said “who?” The Hamburglar…he used to try and steal the hamburgers from McDonalds. This was so fun to explain, and even more fun to see Sweet Pea try and act out.


You probably want to know the sewing and costume details, huh? I started with the Recess Raglan pattern, one that I had sewn a few times before. I only made a few modifications to the pattern. I lengthened it to a dress and I bound the neck, stitching the binding inside, so that it was a bit more feminine.

hamburglar four

I didn’t want to spend too much money on this costume since it wasn’t the costume from my kids’ dreams. I had the black and white fabric in my stash (I scored it for $5 hoping to make it into an aster cardigan, oops). The hat is a thrifted hat that I found for $1…gotta love thrift stores. To help make sure it was safe and bug free, I sprayed it down with hairspray when I brought it home. The gloves were a quick sew from some red knit fabric I had, and the tie is just a piece of red felt that I safety pinned on. I had some tan fabric that I cut out in the shape of hamburgers, painted them up with yellow, brown and white, and used some stitch witchery to fuse it to the felt. And last the cape. It’s just a yard of velvet I had sitting in my fabric stash that I pinned on. So really, the costume cost me a total of $6…woo hoo!

Sweat Pea was stinking cute getting into character. While I was taking photos, she said “mom, should we put the hamburger on the stairs and I sneak up to steal it.” Yep, that’s just what we should do. She couldn’t keep a straight face she was giggling so much. Don’t let this girl too close to your McDonald’s dinner, she might just sneak up and steal some hamburgers!

striped raglan

Thank you ladies for inviting me to sew along! Hop on over to my blog to see a few more pictures of this dress styled for everyday wear, and a little tutorial on how to match up your stripes perfectly when cutting out and sewing your raglan t shirt pattern!

Our giveaway this month is from Fabricworm


a Rafflecopter giveaway

This month we have opened the linky party to ANY COSTUME! That includes last Halloween and this one. We are planning to leave the linky open a week past Halloween to allow for late entries, just in case you can’t get pictures of your costume until the 31st. And don’t forget, it’s ALL COSTUMES, adults as well as kids.

One lucky linker will win one pattern of their choice from some more of our favorite designers: Paisley Roots, Fabulous Home Sewn, Pie Pie Designs! What are you waiting for? Get linking!

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  1. Daniela says:

    Great costume, I would love to have a hat like that 🙂 And thanks for the Giveaway!

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