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CraftingCon: Climbing the Willow

Looking for an adorable little girl’s shirt pattern? Look no further than the Izzy Top by Teri from Climbing the Willow. I haven’t blogged about this pattern yet, but I’ve made three Izzy tops, and I don’t even have a girl. I adore Teri’s blog, there are so many great free patterns and tutorials. I especially love her tutorial for adding some great detail to a Sally dress. I’m excited to have Teri here today, and I love what she has to share!

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Hi, I’m Teri!  I’m a mom to six kids (minions!) who keep me pretty busy 🙂  But in my spare time, I love to blog about my sewing projects over at I’m thrilled to be here at Mae & K today as part of the CraftingCon competition!  I originally signed up for Villain month because it sounded like fun, but as the deadline started to creep up, I realized that I’m not really much of a Villain person!  I don’t like horror movies, and the sci-fi that I love tends more towards science than anything else.  So I had to be creative, raid my kids’ movie collection and perhaps stretch the definition of villain a bit 😉

I’m actually wondering how many of you even recognize who Mae is supposed to be in these pictures, although there were a few (not-so) subtle clues in the first paragraph.  I think she looks like a cross between a Fraggle, a Troll, a Cabbage Patch Kid and some kind of Steampunk character 🙂  But she’s actually a minion, and not just any minion, a villainous purple minion!

My goal before I started was to create an outfit that can be used for Halloween this year, but can also serve as everyday clothes.  Although my kids love Halloween and look forward to it every year, I prefer not to spend a ton of money for something that will only be worn once!

The thing that makes the minions distinct is their purple color, so I literally walked into the fabric store and scanned for the color I wanted (in a stretch fabric) while ignoring everything else.  Which is how I ended up with performance knit that is normally used for athletic wear.  Oh well, at least Mae can go for a run once Halloween is over!  The shirt pattern is one that I have used before from a Japanese pattern book, which you can read more about here if you are interested.  The only change I made this time was to add a mock neck because it is cold here in Michigan on Halloween, and the less skin showing the better, unless frostbitten is the look you’re going for!

The overalls are made from one of my new favorite patterns, the Charles Pants and Dungarees by CompagnieM.  I love the pants I’ve made from this pattern, but this is the first time I made the dungarees, and it turns out I love them just as much!  I sewed a size 2 with just a little extra length, and the fit is perfect.  The only addition I made was to include a pocket because what would an evil minion costume be with the El Macho symbol on the overalls!  However, it is a removable El Macho symbol since Mae is not always an evil minion, although she does sometimes act like one 😉

The most time consuming part of the entire costume was most definitely the wig!  Originally I was going to write a tutorial for making your own minion wig, but I refuse to torture anyone else by even suggesting that they take on this project!  I used two skeins of yarn, cut into approximately 22-24″ pieces, and sewed them on to a knit beanie hat using a zigzag stitch.  That part alone took a few hours.  Once I was finished with that, I thought the worst was over, but no, I got it into my head to untwist each piece of yarn into its in individual strands.  After about four hours, I realized that was an incredibly stupid idea, but I have this compulsive need to finish things just to prove to myself that I can.  So about eight hours, ten incredibly dry fingers, and a few hungry kids later, I was finally done!  And while I was performing this totally mind numbing task, I planned Mae’s next three years of Halloween costumes to make sure that the wig gets worn at least a few more times 🙂

The rest of the accessories were quite a bit easier!  The stretchy gloves are black skeleton gloves that belonged to one of my boys when they were younger.  And the goggles are welding goggles that I bought from Amazon and spray painted silver.  I had to modify the goggles slightly to fit Mae’s head, and I doubt the paint will last for long, but they work perfectly for Halloween!

You can head over to Climbing the Willow to see more pictures, including a couple without the wig.  It’s amazing how once you remove the costume accessories (wig and goggles) the rest very quickly becomes just another cute everyday outfit, perfect for snuggling on the couch and watching Despicable Me 2 again … and again … and again!

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This month we have opened the linky party to ANY COSTUME! That includes last Halloween and this one. We are planning to leave the linky open a week past Halloween to allow for late entries, just in case you can’t get pictures of your costume until the 31st. And don’t forget, it’s ALL COSTUMES, adults as well as kids.

One lucky linker will win one pattern of their choice from some more of our favorite designers: Paisley Roots, Fabulous Home Sewn, Pie Pie Designs! What are you waiting for? Get linking!

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    Cruella Deville

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    Oh my goodness I LOVE this purple minion. You did a fabulous job!!


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