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CraftingCon: BabyFish Designs

CCBanner (1)If you haven’t been to see Jessica’s look yet you need to. It’s beyond cool!

Today we have Gina from BabyFish Designs with a little tutorial. And it’s even something you could make for yourself!

Gina has already done some awesome CraftingCon sewing. Here are her Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin looks from last month.


Hi!  I’m Gina and I blog over at BabyFish Designs when I’m not sewing up at storm at BabyFish Designs!  I have a hubby, four kiddos and a dog but today, today we’re talking about us!!!

Are you a fangirl?  Because I am.  I’m a BIG.GEEKY.FANGIRL.  There.  I said it.  And after you see my post you’ll know it’s true!

I’m going to do a quick walk through of how I used a t-shirt and the Jocole Ladies maxi skirt pattern to create some fun, one of a kind, fangirl wear that’s totally comfy too!  (Please note this is JUST directions for adding in the t-shirt panel.  You will need to have or make your own maxi skirt pattern.)

You’ll need:

maxi skirt pattern

t-shirt or graphic panel of your choice

additional knit yardage

cotton lycra  for the waistband

I used a pretty large t-shirt I found at Goodwill, some awesome (but rather thin and slightly see-through) star fabric, and a black t-shirt as an attached short underskirt to make up for the see-through stars.

Placement of a graphic panel and piecing on a ladies skirt is super important because you don’t want seams or graphics in….aaaahhhh…awkward….places if you know what I mean.

After some trial I think off to the side slightly and near the bottom is the best place for a graphic.  Once you’ve decided where you want your graphic cut the shirt apart.  Be sure and leave plenty of room around the graphic.

At this point I used the back of my shirt and sewed it to the top of the graphic panel to get a long enough strip for the length of the skirt.

Now you’ll need to get a rough measurement for how much more fabric you need for the front of your skirt (I usually just lay it down next to my graphic panel and put the pattern over it to get a general idea.)   Now sew your fabric and panel today and then use your pattern piece to cut out your skirt front (being careful again of graphic placement.)

Here I would have lost Han….and we couldn’t have that (!!!) so I re-folded my fabric and re-positioned my pattern piece till I was more happy with what I would be cutting off.

Now you’re just going to follow your pattern and finish your skirt!  (For me, that was cut the back, cut a front and back “liner” skirt, cut waist band, sew everything together, done!)


I’m a big fan of knits skirts to begin with (they’re just so darn comfy!) but this one is even more comfy than normal!  The super lightweight knit makes it breezy and cool (but it’s got that 2nd layer that stops above my knees for extra coverage) and come on…who doesn’t love a good Star Wars skirt, amIright?!?


(The stars at the waistband are part of my tank top, courtesy of WalMart.)


Pardon the pained look on my face here.  Sometimes I think I really like this skirt and sometimes I’m just not sure.  I have yet to wear this one in public because my husband’s opinion of it is what made me realize the placement of graphics was so important.  He said, “It’s just that….there are words….over your crotch.”  Ummm…yeah.  Sooo…there ya have it!  lol!!!!  Thoughts?  I really love the skirt but after that comment I haven’t worn it.  Boo!Anyway, I hope this have given you a bit more courage to let your fangirl shine though!!  If you make a skirt be sure to link it up as we’d all love to see it!!!
I have to say, I love the off-center placement of the first skirt! What a fun way to re-use a favorite tee you just can’t bear to part with.
Have you made something Star Wars yet this month?
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