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Project Run and Play week 2! And the candy theme seems to be giving everyone a run for their money. But I’ve been looking at other people’s designs and I must say that some darling outfits have been made.

When I first thought of something to do for candy inspired I wanted to make Mackathanial a chocolate suit– a dark chocolate suit. I wanted to buy a few new patterns and some luxurious dark brown corduroy… yeah, I was dreaming.

But chocolate is definitely my favorite. And I really don’t know how I came up with the idea, but I thought of doing an M&M hangout hoodie. Candy shell on the outside, chocolate on the inside.

This hoodie was an adventure. I upcycled an old t-shirt of Nathan’s and used some brown fleece I had hanging around from a JoAnn sale a few years ago.
Knit over fleece is very difficult to sew!
Knit is probably the hardest thing to rip seams out of, especially if you’re using a knit stitch to sew it.
I cut out the hoodie in the 3t size. Mackathanial is a really small 2t, so I figured one size up would be enough. A few days later I read a post on the Peek-A-Boo pattern shop facebook page suggesting that if you were going to use fleece it would probably be best to cut out your shirt 2-3 sizes bigger. This sweatshirt is really snug, so if I use fleece to make another (which I definitely will!) I’m planning to use a bigger size.
I used the recommended 1/2 inch seam allowance for the fleece and a smaller seam allowance for the knit so that the fleece fit inside the knit. I happened upon this configuration after some trial and error and a really long time spent with the seam ripper.
I sewed the inside lining so that there are no inner seams other than the sleeve edges, hood edge and bottom band.
Mackathanial seems to like it pretty well. Especially that little side pocket! I’m thinking about sewing on another one. I originally planned to not have pockets at all, but ended up putting a hole in the knit right near the side seam. So the pocket is there to cover the mistake.
Total Cost: $0
I’m pretty pleased with how my look turned out. I wish the hoodie was going to fit a little longer!

Mackathanial was pretty excited about the chocolate I gave him for the photo shoot.
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