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Canadian Designer Tour: Elegance & Elephants Fedora

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE trying out new things in sewing! I had the opportunity to be part of the Canadian Designer Pattern Tour, and I picked the Elegance and Elephants fedora pattern. Why? Because I wanted to try making a hat!

Before I get into talking a little about my experience making this hat, I wanted to let you know about a coupon code for E&E patterns. Coupon code is CANADATOUR for 10% off, but it expires tonight (June  27th) at midnight (PST). Never heard of Elegance & Elephants? Ula has an interview post here, so you can get to know Heidi a bit!


So I managed to make a hat!  It was not quite like I expected.  I really wanted to make my hat in the green fabric, and had to piece a few sections together.  So that seam in the front of the hat is not a part of the actual pattern.  The hat is lined with the same gingham I used to make the band on the outside.  I used the stiffest interfacing I could find for this hat.  I am not sure if I would use the same again.  It is very thick, and makes for a few tricky areas to sew (because of thick layers).  It’s also sew on interfacing, instead of fusible, which does make a difference in the way the hat looks.



The pattern was really good. I only had to read through the instructions once to complete the hat.  I wouldn’t say this is a quick sew.  I managed to finish it in one evening with a bit of help from my mom, and leaving out all the pressing while sewing. I definitely wouldn’t recommend skipping pressing this hat as you go.  I plan to steam this hat into a nicer shape, hopefully that works.





I made The Badenator the medium hat, because that is where his head measurement is.  I do like that the pattern has sizes labeled small, medium, large– instead of by age.

One of the biggest things is that The Badenator seems to like it.  It is a great addition to our dress up!  I don’t know if I will ever need to make a fedora again, but it’s nice to have a pattern that’s perfect for making one if I need one!




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  1. he’s so cute in his hat! Thanks for taking part in the tour 🙂


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