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5 Ways to Keep Cool When You Don’t have a Pool

It’s summer.  It’s hot.  Going to a pool can get expensive, and keeping one at your home is a hassle.

I’m excited to be a part of The Berry Bunch’s Week to Beat the Heat, and share a few of my ideas on how to keep your children both cool and entertained.



1. Squirt Guns 

5-Ways-to-Keep-Cool-When-You-Don't-Have-a-Pool---Mae-&-K-8I know not everyone is going to agree with me on this one.  We have a lot of fun with these though, and the boys especially love it when my husband plays too.  Squirt guns range quite a bit in price, one of these was around $15 and the other was $5.



2. Water Balloons

5-Ways-to-Keep-Cool-When-You-Don't-Have-a-Pool---Mae-&-K-15You spend an hour filling them up for a 5 minute free-for-all.  It’s totally worth it.  The Badenator didn’t seem to grasp that he was supposed to do more than just drop them on the ground, but every time one popped he squealed.




3. Bike Washing

5-Ways-to-Keep-Cool-When-You-Don't-Have-a-Pool---Mae-&-K-1Less mess than washing your car, but every bit as fun. The pictures are from the first time I did this.  Mackathanial thought the suds were snow, and he was so excited!




4. Water Play

5-Ways-to-Keep-Cool-When-You-Don't-Have-a-Pool---Mae-&-K-20This is where having a water table or little kitchen would be nice!  We fill different tubs (a big bowl, a pot and our sled) with water, and the boys love it.  I give them cups, spoons and containers from the kitchen, and all the tubby toys.  Today The Badenator was mainly transferring water, and Mackathanial baked me a water cake.





5. Have a Treat!

5-Ways-to-Keep-Cool-When-You-Don't-Have-a-Pool---Mae-&-K-22The options for delicious frozen treats are endless and scrumptious.  But be careful and don’t give yourself an ice cream headache!

5-Ways-to-Keep-Cool-When-You-Don't-Have-a-Pool---Mae-&-K-24(yes, Mackathanial and The Badenator are wearing the same striped onesie in the pictures.  It survived the red popsicle!)

Have fun and keep cool this summer!




2 Responses to “5 Ways to Keep Cool When You Don’t have a Pool”

  1. Jessica Berry says:

    Ha! How awesome the onesie survived the red popsicle! Love all these ideas! I don’t know why I never thought to use buckets and bowls in place of a water table. Thank you so much Maegen!

  2. Ajaire says:

    Fun ideas! We do belong to a pool, but having some fun at home things to do on those days you just don’t feel like packing everything up is great! The washing the bike thing is a perfect idea.

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