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real-life-real-sewing-coverThis fun little tour has come at exactly the right time for me to reflect on my sewing. Moving requires that I pack away all my sewing things, as well as the things I’ve made, and packing is prime reflection time.
1. What do you look for when choosing a sewing project?
I choose projects based mostly on whims. I wish I had the kind of persistence to sew all my boy’s clothes, but my work in progress pile is so big they’d go around naked a lot of the time. The fun blog tours I can’t help but sign up for dictate a big majority of my projects. I love trying new techniques and patterns, though, and never have gone in for any assembly line style sewing. Which is why I scoff when people suggest I open an etsy shop.
I especially love making dresses. This is one I made for Goose just because the fabric and buttons felt like they needed to be a Junebug dress.
And of course, I do make the boy’s Halloween costumes. Last year I made them sweatshirts so they could a) be warm while trick or treating, and b) wear them when Halloween was over. Mackathanial wore his “costume” (read sweat pants and sweatshirt) basically every day for weeks afterwards. The Badenator got so many compliments on how cute SHE looked, and what beautiful hair SHE has. HAHA! (pattern is the Omni Tempore)
2.  Is there anything you would like to (or wish you could) do differently when selecting projects?
Mostly, I wish I finished things more.
This square of fabric was supposed to be The Badonator’s baby blanket. It took me a really long time to finish it. We let him sleep with just the buffalo plaid piece on its own until I finally got around to adding the minky and binding.
Here it is finally finished, when he’s 9 or 10 months old. (He’s also wearing some mama made Ruffled PJ bottoms.)
Sometimes though, the waiting works out for the better.
I shared this nearly finished Junebug dress last summer on the blog. And it still doesn’t have buttons. I just couldn’t ever find ones that needed to be on the dress, so I left it alone. I did find the perfect ones just this week though! They were sitting on a clearance shelf at Walmart and were only 50 cents. Now I’m super excited to finish the dress for real after we’re done moving.
3. What is your most used/worn sewing project? This either could be of all time or currently.
Tee shirts, sweatshirts and blankets. I made the boys each a blanket from the Ultra Fluffy Fleece fabric they have at Joann’s and they sleep with those every night.
And any time I make the Everything but the Kitchen Sink Henley, it gets worn. It’s seriously my favorite pattern. Both boys have grown out of the ones I’ve made for them most recently, so that’s probably going to be one of the first things I make in the new house. _MG_5036
This color blocked one is my personal favorite, and he always got compliments about it when we went out. So many people asked where they could buy the shirt for their little boys, it was quite flattering.
4. Do you have a project that you thought would be used/worn frequently but just did not end up working out?
 _MG_0329I made this hobbit cloak for the boys. It’s a really nice double knit, and I used a fancy stitch on my machine for the edging. I even crocheted a leaf and used a safety pin to recreate the clasps in the movies….. And my kids won’t wear it. They hate it so much, that this picture is actually someone else’s kid, because I couldn’t even get my boys to try it on.
5. What is your favorite tip or quote that applies to sewing for real life?
 I really didn’t have a favorite tip or quote before starting in on this post. So I looked around the web and I found something I really love.
Really I don’t dislike to cook, but what you cook is eaten so quickly. When you sew, you have something that will last to show for your efforts. – Elizabeth Travis Johnson
I love this quote, because for me, seeing the things I make worn and loved is the reason I sew in the first place.

Do you have any examples of Real Life, Real Sewing to show off? You can play along by using the #realliferealsewing on social media. You can also win one of two $25 gift cards. More details at Sew 20.
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3 Responses to “Real Life, Real Sewing”

  1. Meriel A says:

    Aww, sad about the cloak! Especially when so much work went into it!

  2. Love those costumes!!

  3. Sarah C says:

    That is a fantastic quote! I need to make a poster of that for my sewing room. It’s a shame your boys hate the hobbit cloak. I think it looks and sounds awesome.

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