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2015 Planner by Mae&K

Being in school makes for some very busy weeks and a lot of forced skill in time management.  Heck, NOT being in school can be just as busy – what with kids, husbands, appointments, work…I could go on for hours.  But this being my last semester of nursing school (I can see the light!), I needed something to help me organize my time that I can keep with me.  I also need to be able to visualize easily if I have conflicts.  A lot of times, I am not allowed to have my phone out or even on me in class and clinical situations.  So a digital version wasn’t going to work.  I personally hate paper planners and calendars.  I like to do everything on my laptop.  But since it was very necessary for me to have one, I decided it needed to be exactly what I wanted.  So that meant I had to make it.

Enter 2015 Planner by Mae&K!


I like that this planner has a large calendar side for each month, as well as plenty of space for notes.  It is a nice, simple design, with things that I need and nothing I don’t.  That’s how I like stuff!

  Picture3      Picture4 

Here’s how I made it.  First, I created my planner using PowerPoint (based on my last post, you know how much I love PowerPoint for non-slideshow-related graphical things).  I created a pdf file of my PowerPoint slides to make sure they would print correctly.  Then I printed the file double-sided on white cardstock so the planner would be more durable.  I laminated the front and back covers, again for durability.  Then I took my planner pages to Staples and had them spiral bound.  It cost me $4.25 for the binding and everything else I had on hand.  Nice!


I really love the binding!


Guess what the best part of my planner is?  That you can have one, too!  I created a generic planner that you can download and print for yourself!  Just click the link below for a pdf copy.  Enjoy!

Front sample pic     January sample pic

CLICK HERE! –> 2015 Planner by Mae&K

Here’s to a more organized 2015!

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