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10 of Baden’s Favorite Board Books

*Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. I may receive a commission from any purchases you make using the links in this post. I do not own all these books,  but I have read them and all the opinions are 100% mine*

I love board books. They make reading to babies so much easier! Some of the books on this list also come in “regular” binding, but because I love to read them to my babies, I prefer having the board book versions.

Bright Baby Animals

This is probably Baden’s all-time favorite book. My nephew Charlie had this book when he and Mack were babies, so when I saw it for 69 cents at a thrift store I thought, “why not?” It was worth it. It would be worth full price. There isn’t really anything particularly special about this book, it’s just bright, colorful backgrounds behind pictures of animals. But Baden loves it. He squeals when we read it and hits the pages.

A Book of Sleep

We checked this one out from the library while we were visiting Grandma and Grandpa. Both of the boys thought it was a fun bedtime book. I really enjoyed the pictures. I’m adding this one to the list of books for birthday and Christmas presents.

Goodnight Moon

I love this one. We didn’t grow up reading this as a bedtime story, but my mom bought it for Mack. I have it memorized. We read it every single night for a really long time. Now Mack is older and wants to alternate his bedtime stories (a few others are on this list) but we still go back to this one frequently. I also like The Runaway Bunny by the same author.

Pride & Prejudice

I have boys. But every once in a while we check out a book because I want to read it, even if it is a little girly. And we did get Dracula in the same trip 🙂 so it wasn’t all girly reading that time around.

The gist is. I want this book. And ALL the other ones like it. They are adorable!
Alice in Wonderland
Sherlock Holmes in the Hound of the Baskervilles: in the Hound of the Baskervilles
Anna Karenina
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn… and there are more besides!

Are You a Cow? 

Favorite board book author? Sandra Boynton. Hands down. I love her books! They are all cute and funny. Are you a cow is cute and fairly interactive for slightly older children.
All time favorite Boynton: Blue Hat, Green Hat  This one made me laugh when I first read it, and I was 21.
Also fun: But Not the Hippopotamus and Moo Baa La La La

And she has a bunch of others, but I didn’t want to have another huge list of books by just the one author.

It’s a Little Book

All the fun of It’s a Book but for little ears. We read It’s a Book in my Children’s Lit class, and I super loved it, but couldn’t decide how comfortable I was with reading it to my kids before they were old enough to understand not to repeat “jackass” all the time. So I really love this version for my littles.

Go, Dog. Go!

I actually enjoy the board book version better than the regular book. Less words. Plus it rhymes! We have a giant copy. The downside to having the giant copy is that it gets put away in the closet and we don’t read it as often because we don’t see it sitting on the shelf. So go buy your little one this book in the regular size.

Good Night, Gorilla

This is a fun bedtime book. Mack can “read” it, because there really aren’t many words. He loves to point out where the mouse is in every picture, and he loves to find Babar in the elephant’s cage. We “owned” this one as a library book for a few months, and then I bought Mack his own copy for Christmas.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The reason I love this book in the board book version.

Little baby fingers fit perfect through the caterpillar holes in the food.

So cute!


Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs

This book was read at storytime this week. Mack was so excited! He obviously loves this one, because he kept yelling, “I have this one!” and I couldn’t get him to stay sittin on his bum for the whole story. He also really loves Machines at Work, but that one is still the library’s, even if it lives at our house.


A few other board books I now need to read and own after spending time on Amazon.

Star Wars: 1, 2, 3
Star Wars ABC
You Are My Cupcake
We Belong Together
Little Owl Lost

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